Sunday, April 7, 2013

just a little update on my journey

well since this week marks the one year to the start of my weight loss journey i thought i would put some new figures down..
chest was 63 inches and is now down to 45.5
arm was 15.75 inches and is now down to 14.5
waist was 68.5 inches and is now down to 50.5
hips was 68.5 inches and is now down to 48
thigh was 36 inches and is now down to 28.5
grand total of inches lost this year so far is 64.75

i have gone from a 5 or 6 X shirt to a large (men) xlarge (women) XXL(juniors)
i have gone from wearing a 32W jeans to being able to wear a 17 juniors and 16 women..
i no longer have to shop in the plus size stores.
before i began my journey i could not walk my boys to school. now i can walk them to and from school with no problem . i have even began running which was literally impossible for me a year ago. i can easily walk 4 miles or more and not be out of breath.

i really want to thank my family for supporting me on this husband has been very supportive and hasn't complained once  about the amount of money this plan has cost . it has changed my life in allot of ways.i can now play with my children and not be out of breath .i wasn't able to get down in the floor and play with them but now it is no problem.

i recently came across a picture of me from when i was 15 and i believe i am smaller now then i was then.i do know i am allot wiser then i was back then when it comes to making healthier eating choices.

my journey is not over yet i still got a little was to go. not sure at what weight i want to stop at but i continue to press on .

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Struggling for a month

Well this has not been a good time for my diet.. With the combination of stress , no sleep , no synthroid for almost a week , not eating on my usual routine I have really struggled to lose anything. I am not giving up I am just going to keep trying. Hopefully once my sons are feeling better things will go back to a semi- normal life around here..