Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New pics and more

Well since my last post we have went on a big family vacation to visit Steve's family in England . Whilst on the trip I did however cheat on my diet but not to bad I still ended up losing before my weigh in. My sister in law made not one but two cheesecakes which happens to be my down fall. I did however only have a small piece of each. So even with eating somewhat off my diet for the trip I made some really good choices. I still had no soda and no potatoes.
I've finally hit the 200 pound lost point . And actually ran a half mile last night. forgot my inhaler which I haven't needed since I played soccer in high school.
I am debating on what weight I want to get down to. Originally I had chose 250-230 as a goal this morning when I got on the Wii I weighed 228 so I hit that goal .
It is hard to choose what weight you want to be when you don't have a reference point to go by. All my adult life I have been obese and so now gettin healthier is hard to determine a what weight I want to be. Thankfully I have a great coach and she is very supportive .
Here is the newest pics