Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week 33 weigh in

Well after a week on steroids and antibiotics , I still managed to weigh in and be 10.8 pounds down .. That makes it a total of 153.4 pounds since April and lost over 50 inches ..for the first time in my adult life I am under 275 pounds ... I have 6 more pound to lose to meet my next personal goal ..
I have also been doing a lot more work around the house getting fix it projects done something I could not of done so easily 5 months weigh in pics soon ...

I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me ...

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving weekend

Well my first thanksgiving on the diet and it wasn't bad at all...for dinner I has turkey wraps with romaine lettuce , red and yellow peppers, tomato and sea salt with mashed Rutabaga ...awesome meal... Pumpkin spice zuchini bread ...all in all it was a filling meal and no cheating .
My official weigh in will be Thursday.. Hopefully the scale will be nice like my wii fit .. According to the wii I am down around 5 pounds but nothing official til I see krista to weigh in ..this week will be new pictures taken..
On another note I have now gotten smaller then my husband who has lost around 70 pounds..almost time to shop for clothes again my 18 jeans are getting loose now as well..
This week my baby boy turns 7.. So we are actually heading to dollywood for the Christmas lights ..might try to ride the wild eagle or mystery mine thunderhead , blazing fury...who would of thought losing weight would make you stupid enough to ride roller coasters ... But that what you do when you got kids..

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A lot on my mind...

Well this week could end up bad for me.. I got sick and now I'm taking predisone which causes me to gain weight usually so I'm not going to get down hearted if I gain this week.
This week so far I have actually gotten outside and put the gutters back up on the house which is something I could if never done before the idealprotein diet..there is a lot of house jobs that need to be done around here so now I can get busy doing them.i also read a good book this week called choosing forgiveness.. I really needed to read this book it answered a lot of questions but also made me do a lot of thinking . I know stress doesn't help with my weight loss journey so I'm trying to get a lot of things straightened out in my mind so the future can not be shadowed with the past.losing the weight was the first big push to deal with the past.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Down again

Well at my weigh in today I am down 6.4 pounds.. That's a total of 143.6 since April 12 ,2012.. Today for the first time in my adult life I shopped at jcpenneys . I bought size 18 jeans and xl shirts. It was great to shop with my mom at a store that was a plus size store.
Since jan of this year I am down 164.6 pounds .. By the end if 2012 I will be down another 15.6 pounds which would put me at 250 pounds..after that point I will determine what weight I want to be ..
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me... This is what I say to myself everyday ..

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weigh in for 29 weeks

Well I actually weighed in yesterday losing another 4 pounds .. For the first time since I began I wore jeans to weigh in so it added around a pound and half . So I lost a little more but that's ok.... Me and my coach think I can hit a small personal goal of being 250 by the end of December that's 8 weeks to lose 22 pounds.. Once I hit that goal then I'm going to start thinking of how small I truly want to go..since in my whole adult life I have never been under 270.
I have began singing more at church it is amazing how you can have a talent and lose it in a heartbeat..after my thyroid surgery I figured music was no longer for me but by the grace of God I been able to sing..
Next week the Blanton weight loss clinic is doing an open house.. I am going to speak at it . Maybe something from my experience can help someone decide to lose the weight..I know when I decided to lose, one of my adoption group friends was my inspiration. Thanks Charlotte . You will never know how you have helped me ..
On another note, I had to shop again to buy some clothes .. For the first time I my adult life I got size 18/20 jeans.. That's a big deal for me considering I was in a 34/32 back in April ..I've posted a few new pics of my new outfits ...