Friday, January 10, 2014

After a long break

Well I ended up taking a long break after my problem with my coach.. It mentally destroyed my will to diet . I know I shouldn't of let her upset me but I let it get me way to much. But that is behind me and I am back trying to get back on track . This week I started back on my diet journey and I'm down 14 pounds. This time I've decided to lose down about 50 pounds then maintain for a few months. I do not want to lose the weight and start feeling sick again. I do believe I lost way to much to fast and that is why I started feeling ill. So this time I am going to try it my way. No more of the vitamins from ip due to everytime I take them I start vomitting again.. I can't handle that. I know I can lose the weight I've gained back at a more healthier rate. I do want to try and get back to my 222 weight.. If I can maintain that weight I will be happy ..