Friday, August 31, 2012

Just some thoughts

Well as many know I had my utility trailer stolen back on Father's day. It has been a challenge getting things done so that we could get it back from the pawn shop. We had to deal with two different police departments . And neither were very helpful at times. At one point we even had to make contact with a representive of our state to get any info. After months of frustration and tons of unanswered phone calls I had it one day and posted a Facebook status stating how I felt about how things. were going. Unaware that a whining cop would call the detective handling the case and the detective would call me at home at 10:30 at night from the station to question my Facebook post. At first I was angry about it and finally deleted anyone linked to the cops wife was had cried to the detective. Ironically the next day I got to go pick up my trailer (had I know the power of Facebook I would of posted my opinion the day after he called and said he found the trailer then We could of moved my cousin back home without renting a truck)..I truly thought there is a freedom of speech.. I didn't know that you can't have opinions on places or people.i didnt say anything out of line or use inappropriate words... But now more then ever I feel it wasnt right the detective calling me at home .. I don't know him personally and he definitely isn't one of my fb friends.

Friday, August 24, 2012

100 pounds down in 19 weeks

Well I finally hit a small personal goal I had set for myself.. I had wanted to be down 100 pounds on the idealproteiN diet by my anniversary on Saturday August 25. I am extremely happy with this diet. I have been able to accomplish great weight loss and be healthier along he way. I have dropped 10 inches in both my waist and my hips. Now for my next personal goal . To be out o the 300 by the end of the month.. I will be ok if I don't meet my goal but I'm really trying to succeed. Thanks again to my coach and her husband who introduced me to this diet ... If interested please check out blanton weight loss clinic at, there is a link to the idealproteiN diet there ..

Friday, August 3, 2012

16 weeks and 91 pounds gone......

well yesterday was my 16 week weigh in ..i am down an amazing 91 pounds..that means i have lost more then 1/4 of myself since jan.1,2012. totaling 112 pounds down.....i have lost 37 inches with the 91 pounds....gotta love life..
on a different note not related to my weight loss..i just feel like writing and so i choose to do it here....
today on my facebook i received a message from someone i went to school with that was blasting me for deleting him..although i dont have to defend myself i really feel i want to write something..i have been deleting people who use excessive profanity and put  almost porn pics.( i have a 21 yr old daughter i do not allow her to have friends on her facebook who use profanity and post nudity or almost nude pics, to me i would be a hypocrite if i left my friends do it on my page)..which is why i deleted him..he thinks because he chose not to support Dan Cathy and his statement is why i got rid of him..
I am  born again christian. I have been raised by christian God fearing Parents .their love for God has taught us to Love i regret my upbringing ...NO....i grew up in what is know as the bible belt of the united clarify i have family and friends of all shapes ,sizes,religions,drinkers, drug users, hetero and homosexual. i have friends who are of every walk of life..i know and have friends who look at porn, sleep around,abuse their spouses, cheat on their spouses,support their kids, walk away from their kids with no support...Does that mean i have to like everything everyone is doing????NO..does that mean i am against them and everything they do???NO...Does that mean i hate them????NO...there are people out there who thinks having child pornography is fine....does it make it right just because they choose to think it is fine....NO. At no time in this world will everyone agree on everything. Do we not have soldiers who have fought for our freedoms since the beginning of the united states, that gives us the right we have our own opinions and beliefs.
I will always be proud of who i am and what i am....if people want to think i am brainwashed then thats their opinion .i dont go out here and bash anyone for their beliefs but it appears i do not get the same respect from people.if anyone if offended by me stating i am a christian then please do us both a favor an unfriend me.