Friday, August 30, 2013

Life is hectic

 I started back on phase 1 but quickly life got hectic .. Mother got ill (congestive heart failure)  husband got ill ( gall bladder attack) sister got ill ( thumb surgery and now infection ) tons of stress.. And on top of it all a terrible sinus infection for myself which means antibiotics , steroids and allergy meds..oh the joy that all does on your body .. I struggling but not sinking.. I still want to lose down to 215 pounds .. It is a challenge but I'm trying .. I recently sent my story into the Rachel ray show about losing over 100 pounds .. It would be neat to have others hear of my journey if it could encourage someone else to lose weight.. I been so busy I can't even get time to go see my coach .. I'm kinda having trouble putting a 100% into the ip plan .. luckily right now i got the foods so i have been able to keep up ..I'm hoping to maintain where I am then once things calm back down hit it hard again.. Drop the weight and move on... I know I can lose the weight and meet my goal .. I've just got off track and have to find my way back .. The family support is still there.. I can do all things through Christ who strengths me ... .......
This is a picture from my wedding day and our recent trip to CT.. We celebrated our 12th anniversary on August 25 .. I truly love this man and am truly thankful for all the encouragement he has given me on my journey......  
I've been truly blessed over the last year and half .. I got introduced to a great diet plan , joined  a great diet clinic ( Blanton Weightloss ) lost loads of weight , stopped being a type 2 diabetic , had my   Synthroid lowered twice .stopped using my cpap machine to sleep, and got to enjoy life to the fullest with my kids... I am truly blessed ... God is great...
My journey is not over .... To be continued.......  :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Well I think I am back in track

Well I started back on the phase1 of the ideal protein diet. After my last weigh-in and gaining I really want to get down to 215 which will be half of what I was. " I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me..." I just got to remember that .. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I feel like I fell off the wagon...

Well the blood pressure dropping started again and then got some kind of stomach illness.. Ended up at the doctor he advised me to add some Gatorade to my daily diet. Which actually started helping with the sick stomach and the light headed feeling. But over the last two month it has hinder my weight loss to the point I actually gained some weight back. Then got into something and had a. Allergic reaction and was put on steroids for a week which meant more weight back on.. Not happy with the results but I will not let it bother me to much. Hoping to be back on my diet full time next week after another trip to my doctor . Once I am back  the diet I want to drop another 30 pounds then start phasing off correctly. I've had awesome results with the idealprotein diet and very thankful for my coach who has encouraged me over the last 15 months ..  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Been a long time coming..

Well it has been a while since I last posted so here is a quick catch up. The last 6 weeks I been struggling due to dealing with my ill child. Stress doesn't help a diet and lack of sleep is no help either. I've not seen my coach in a month . Then I got ill couldn't eat right and actually put on a few pounds with the lack of eating and taking Medicines including a steroid.. But over all I am still happy. After spending this past weekend in pigeon forge I think this chapter of my weight loss journey is almost over. I been on phase 1 for over a year. I talked it over with my husband and I think it is almost time to move to phase 2. Will discuss it with my coach this week. Get her opinion and then make final decision . I am very thankful for the idealprotein diet and my coach. 
I spent all weekend spending time with my family and enjoying where I am right now. If I lose around 10 more pounds I will be down half my size I was when I began. 
It is really good to know my husband is still supportive of whatever I chose to do with my diet.
My whole reason I started this journey was my baby boys . I wanted to be able to enjoy them more and do more with them. All weekend I got to ride the rides at dollywood with them . So the diet has done exactly what I was hoping for . Living life and I plan On Enjoying every moment I have with my sons ..

Sunday, April 7, 2013

just a little update on my journey

well since this week marks the one year to the start of my weight loss journey i thought i would put some new figures down..
chest was 63 inches and is now down to 45.5
arm was 15.75 inches and is now down to 14.5
waist was 68.5 inches and is now down to 50.5
hips was 68.5 inches and is now down to 48
thigh was 36 inches and is now down to 28.5
grand total of inches lost this year so far is 64.75

i have gone from a 5 or 6 X shirt to a large (men) xlarge (women) XXL(juniors)
i have gone from wearing a 32W jeans to being able to wear a 17 juniors and 16 women..
i no longer have to shop in the plus size stores.
before i began my journey i could not walk my boys to school. now i can walk them to and from school with no problem . i have even began running which was literally impossible for me a year ago. i can easily walk 4 miles or more and not be out of breath.

i really want to thank my family for supporting me on this husband has been very supportive and hasn't complained once  about the amount of money this plan has cost . it has changed my life in allot of ways.i can now play with my children and not be out of breath .i wasn't able to get down in the floor and play with them but now it is no problem.

i recently came across a picture of me from when i was 15 and i believe i am smaller now then i was then.i do know i am allot wiser then i was back then when it comes to making healthier eating choices.

my journey is not over yet i still got a little was to go. not sure at what weight i want to stop at but i continue to press on .

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Struggling for a month

Well this has not been a good time for my diet.. With the combination of stress , no sleep , no synthroid for almost a week , not eating on my usual routine I have really struggled to lose anything. I am not giving up I am just going to keep trying. Hopefully once my sons are feeling better things will go back to a semi- normal life around here..

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New pics and more

Well since my last post we have went on a big family vacation to visit Steve's family in England . Whilst on the trip I did however cheat on my diet but not to bad I still ended up losing before my weigh in. My sister in law made not one but two cheesecakes which happens to be my down fall. I did however only have a small piece of each. So even with eating somewhat off my diet for the trip I made some really good choices. I still had no soda and no potatoes.
I've finally hit the 200 pound lost point . And actually ran a half mile last night. forgot my inhaler which I haven't needed since I played soccer in high school.
I am debating on what weight I want to get down to. Originally I had chose 250-230 as a goal this morning when I got on the Wii I weighed 228 so I hit that goal .
It is hard to choose what weight you want to be when you don't have a reference point to go by. All my adult life I have been obese and so now gettin healthier is hard to determine a what weight I want to be. Thankfully I have a great coach and she is very supportive .
Here is the newest pics

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Almost to my lowest original goal

When I began my weight loss journey I set a goal to get between 250-230. In five more pounds I will be at 230 but I'm not sure if I'm done yet.. Thinking it over and trying to decide where I want to be with my weight. How does one decide? Here is a new pic with me holding my jeans I wore back in April.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week 40 weigh in

Well this week was my 40 th weigh in..
I am down 168 pounds since April 13th,2012...
I've lost 58.25 total inches
I am trying to decide how much weight I still want to lose. Since jan2012 I have lost 189 pounds.. Just 11 more pounds and I will be down 200 pounds. In my adult life I have never been this weight .

Friday, January 11, 2013

Starting 2013 at under 250 pounds

Well I am under 250 and at my first weight in of 2013 I was 245.6 pounds.. Yay me.. I am still staying strong on my diet . Hopefully going to be down to 230 by our family vacation to see my husbands family. It is going to be strange traveling and not being 400 pounds. I have had to shop and get some smaller jeans and tops.