Monday, September 5, 2016


...I haven't blogged in a while but here goes nothing. My weight loss is going slower then I had hoped for but it is still going and I haven't felt sick losing the weight at this pace. The main stress factor in my life is gone now and don't foresee it returning. She actually left 6 months ago and not heard a word from her. My sons are happier and life is going good. My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding  anniversary .

I am continuing on the take shape for life plan . My health coach is there when i need to talk to her and i know sometimes i don't rely on her enough. But with this plan no one is yelling at me when I don't stick to plan 100%. Life has its bumps and there are times when you get weak and you just fall off plan, but you pick yourself up and try harder . One of my biggest problems is still remembering that I must eat. Hard habit to break.  I am still aiming to lose back down to 250 or maybe less.  currently I am stuck at around 330 or so.. But I will press on and I will meet my goal. I wish this time around i would of took pics but i just didn't  think of it .

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Slowly but steadily

After being sick for almost two months and being on a new eating plan . I can say I am slowly but steadily losing weight and feeling ok. I am hoping to be down another 7 pounds by the end of April which would put me down 62 pounds. And keep me on my goals I set . 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Back on track

Although I been a bit off track I have managed to keep my weight off that I had lost so far. I have started back on the plan . The hardest thing for me at the moment is to get all the food eaten in a day  and logging it . I haven't been in touch with my health coach because of trying to keep up with my busy family.. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Moving on....

Well after months of being ill and finally getting over it and back on track . My household turned upside down with a major stress relief at the end of turmoil. Now time to make family memories and enjoy every moment with my two sons and husband. Amazing how one person can cause so much stress in one family . Praying now that everything is calming back down that I can stay on track and lose the weight and enjoy a healthy life. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


So I have been battling with bronchitis since the beginning of the year . Now I have the flu and bronchitis when will it end. I weighed in today and was 354 which means I am still going down just not as fast as I would of hoped but due to all the medicines and lack of rest I am just happy to be losing anything at all. Hard to stay exactly on the program when I can't stay awake long enough throughout the day to eat. I haven't been in touch with my coach due to being so sick lately.. Got to get back on track and continue my journey of I want to stay on track .. 20 pounds a month til September is my goal . 

Friday, February 5, 2016

After a hectic time

Well after not getting to stay on plan exactly due to being at the hospital with my mother . I thought I had totally messed up but I still loss just not as much as I would of hoped for. This morning I weighed in at 365.6 so I am still losing . I am aiming for 20 pounds a month . I have been on plan for a month now and I am down 36.4 pounds.. It doesn't really look like I've lost anything but I can tell I am losing.i am trying to set some goals that are realistic.. We are meeting up with my SIL and her husband in September .. A big goal is to be down where I want to be by my big goal is to be down 160 pounds that would be 20 pounds a month til September . If I pull it off I will be under 250 and that is my goal.. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016 a new start

Well I weighed in and was shocked at being 402 pounds again. Somewhere I never wanted to be again.. But in just 3 weeks I am down right at 30 pounds so I am moving in the right direction. I got a new coach and a new program to change my eating habits not fill me up with supplements . So far other then getting bronchitis and a stomach bug I have stayed on program the best I can .although I do have a fever of getting ill again with weight loss I am pressing on to see what is in store for me .