Monday, September 5, 2016


...I haven't blogged in a while but here goes nothing. My weight loss is going slower then I had hoped for but it is still going and I haven't felt sick losing the weight at this pace. The main stress factor in my life is gone now and don't foresee it returning. She actually left 6 months ago and not heard a word from her. My sons are happier and life is going good. My husband and I just celebrated our 15th wedding  anniversary .

I am continuing on the take shape for life plan . My health coach is there when i need to talk to her and i know sometimes i don't rely on her enough. But with this plan no one is yelling at me when I don't stick to plan 100%. Life has its bumps and there are times when you get weak and you just fall off plan, but you pick yourself up and try harder . One of my biggest problems is still remembering that I must eat. Hard habit to break.  I am still aiming to lose back down to 250 or maybe less.  currently I am stuck at around 330 or so.. But I will press on and I will meet my goal. I wish this time around i would of took pics but i just didn't  think of it .

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