Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016 a new start

Well I weighed in and was shocked at being 402 pounds again. Somewhere I never wanted to be again.. But in just 3 weeks I am down right at 30 pounds so I am moving in the right direction. I got a new coach and a new program to change my eating habits not fill me up with supplements . So far other then getting bronchitis and a stomach bug I have stayed on program the best I can .although I do have a fever of getting ill again with weight loss I am pressing on to see what is in store for me . 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Total failure

Well this is a kinda end of a chapter and a blog... The idealprotein diet was a waste of my money .. I did lose the weight but I got extremely sick.. I had a very bad time when I started back and dropped 18 pounds at my first weigh in and my coach truly made me feel terrible .. Not exactly what I needed a the moment so I just let her go didn't go back ,didn't speak to her again ..gave up and as everyone can guess o gained my weight back was hard for me to cope with feeling better at 400 pounds then I did at 222...but I am taking back control of my life .. I'm not letting my first weight loss coach keep me from putting trust in someone else to help me through my journey. I be decided to make a new start  at some big changes in my life style.. Although I've joined a gym , made some better choices in foods I eat .. And starting something new ... New coach , new program and new outlook on this whole process..2016 is gonna be a better year ...